Stop fretting over document backup!

Everybody needs an option to backup data safely, but most backup platforms are somewhat complicated to use, especially if you ever have to restore data from a ransomware infection or hard drive failure.

While we offer a full array of business and enterprise-grade backup solutions for all kinds of businesses, the option for simple document backup wasn't something we had in our toolbox - until now!

Document Backup is just that - it backs up the documents on your computer, no matter where you've saved them on your drive - desktop, documents folder, random folder you created three years ago and forgot about... it doesn't matter.

Installation can be done literally in a matter of seconds by our engineers and the status of your backup systems are monitored continually every day of the year by our servers. We can't see your data, but we CAN see your backups are running successfully and that you remain protected!

Need to talk it over with the boss? No problem. Download the sales sheet here.

Got questions?

Check out the FAQ about how our Document Backup solution works. This should answer most of your questions about the software.