You might not think about the questions you ask your potential employees because you’ve been asking the same questions for years, but do you really know if those questions are effective in finding a new employee? Chances are they could use a little work, and it’s your responsibility to make those questions better. Here are three questions that should be included in every interview.

What Have You Done?

Every person who walks in that door isn’t going to have experience doing what you want them to do, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t potentially excellent employees. Instead of asking them about their experience in your field, ask them about what they feel they have accomplished in life. That will tell you more than their experience level.

Where Do You See Yourself in X Years?

This question often catches people off guard because people often don’t think about where they’re going, just about what they’re doing now. So not only are you asking them a question they haven’t prepped for, you’re really learning something about your interviewee. Is your company just a passing fad or do they plan on sticking around for more than just a couple of years? The choice is theirs, and it’s also yours to hire them or not.

How are You Going to Add to Our Company?

You want to look for someone who has done their research about your company and knows something about what they can specifically add to your business.


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